Self-Reg Early Child Development

June 2019 - Present
I certified in Early Childhood Development with Dr. Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins of the MEHRIT Centre through their course for ECEs in early 2019. This 3 month course centred around enhancing self-regulation in early childhood settings.

Child Passenger Safety Technician

April 2017 - Present
I am currently a certified CPST or car seat tech through the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada. You can view all of that wonderful stuff by visiting

SaskSeats - Child Passenger Safety

May 2017 - Present
In May of 2017, myself and 2 other certified CPSTs in Saskatchewan founded SaskSeats. It is a group/unofficial organization dedicated to providing the best in Child Passenger Safety education/information/support in Saskatchewan. In the beginning of August, one of our posts went semi-viral with 110,000+ views, 900+ shares, and 400 new page likes in around 96 hours.

ECE Level II

My 2 years of education at the University of Regina transferred over to a Level II in Early Childhood Education here in Saskatchewan. I am currently taking my Level III classes through Portage College in Alberta

CPR / First Aid C

April 2019 - April 2022
Ideally, I like to update my CPR / First Aid training every 2 years. The more I have an opportunity to ingrain it in my head and turn it into muscle memory, the better.

RBC - Make 150 Count

December 2016
In December of 2016, I was nominated and chosen to participate in their Make 150 Count campaign for Canada's 150th Birthday. You can watch that journey by clicking here:

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